Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Flash


Green Lantern

White Lantern

I really need to work with an artist for create a new corp called "White Lantern." I would do any colors over an artist make it perfectly beautiful White Lantern. Why I chose White Lantern, because it's blank color, but it is good thing. For example: if white lantern gets rage, white lantern would turned into Red Lantern if hope, then blue lantern, if get willpower, then green but White Lantern wouldn't get eight cops costumes but would use their power ring like change ring every time if White Lantern use emotions. If White Lantern uses all of them, it would be even mixed colors which would be very powerful like you'll never seen before. So I really need an artist so bad because I'd love to work with for create a White Lantern vs eight corps if White lantern want to lol.

Batman & Robin

Orange Lantern